Gourmet Ceylon Teas

Far away in the East Indies lies a small island named Sri Lanka, there the finest teas in the world are grown, known as world-renowned Ceylon tea. At Catherines Finest ®, we offer this gourmet tea in individual tea bags that are packed in hand-made, wooden chests. Catherine's Finest Teas will satisfy the taste buds of the most discriminating tea connoisseurs throughout the world. Not all Ceylon Teas but only those that meet the high quality standards set by the Sri Lanka (Ceylon) Tea Board are permitted to display their Symbol of Quality, the Sri Lanka Lion

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Teas that do not display this SYMBOL OF QUALITY may not have met the strict requirements for high quality teas and are prohibited from its use. At "Catherines Finest" we not only meet these requirements but also exceed them. Catherine's Finest Teas come in fourteen delicious flavors. Treat yourself to the worlds finest teas, Catherine's Finest Gourmet Ceylon Teas, imported for your pleasure from Ceylon, Sri Lanka. At Catherine's Finest, only the finest will do.

Mango Tea

Pure Green Tea

Lemon Tea


Apple Cinnamon Tea

Raspberry Tea


Strawberry Tea

Earl Grey Tea


Coffee Vanilla Decaf Tea

Mellow Out Tea


Chill Out Tea

Peppermint Leaf Tea


English Breakfast Tea

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